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Notepad 2 A piece of paper in the cloud

Tumbler’s Creative Director Jacob Bijani created a web app named just for fun. And now it became a very useful tool for all with simple and great (minimalistic) user experience. The Site is...

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What did your 20s teach you?

Answered by Arpan Roy I have been a noticing a lot of these “what has my 20s or 30s taught me articles” around on the interweb recently. Turning 30 this year in September, I...

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How do you track of your Expenses?

For years we, bachelors and techies are having hard time remembering where the money has gone… Well you don’t want to worry about that any more. We found some good stuffs and ideas to...

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Aspartame: A boon or a curse?

From vibha How many of you all have ever thought twice before picking up that harmless looking, ‘sugar free’ chewing gum, with ‘Aspartame’ as one of its contents? Aspartame an artificial sweetener, is approximately...

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How helpful are the human nails?

Human nails are now a days considered as a fashion or an unimportant thing of our life. But nails can say lot about the human body. from the colour of the nails itself a...

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First Blog – Ajan Ajanthan

After a long long time, I’m getting into blogging. This blog is gonna give you some reference about technical, Logical, Historical, and something which i know 🙂 Hope you will like it.