How helpful are the human nails?

Human nails are now a days considered as a fashion or an unimportant thing of our life. But nails can say lot about the human body. from the colour of the nails itself a doctor can say what kind of body problem you have.

In ancient days this is the main way to identify the human diseases. Yeah may be they are very brilliant than us. Not spending so much to identify what kind of problems we have then starting treatment for that.

There are some colour changes of nails that indicates some of the body diseases.

Human nails are made of keratin protein and they are to protect the nerve system of our fingers. if in case there are no nails in our hands or legs. our edge of the fingers will be harder like a wooden stick.

Nails will be growing faster to men and for women it will grow faster when they are in pregnancy period.

Generally nails will be in light pink colour. But because of some changes in human body the colour of the nails may be changed.

If human liver is not functioning properly, then the nails will be white in colour

If growth of the nails are lesser than normal and if it is in half red colour then it indicates that Renal Failure.

If you are infected by jaundice then the nails will be in  yellow colour.

If you have any heart problems then the nails will be in dark pink colour.

If the heart has holes and if blood purification process has some problems then the nails will be in pink colour.

For Chronic Lung issues and heart patients nails will be bended like a parrots nose.

For Chlorosis and calcium deficiency will make the nails to be white and make like cavity in the nails

If there is any yellow lines in the nails that might be because the nikodin accumulation because of smoking or may be because of polishing the nails.

if sugar level is high then there will be white dots in the nails

Take good care of the nails. They are the first level indicators of the human body deceases.

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