Convert all the text to curves in all pages in Corel Draw using macros

Everybody wonders how to save time in Corel draw. Wasting decades in changing the each text to curves and after it reaches the printer they say there are some fonts which are not available with our machines. and suppose they forgot to mention and print it as it is, then the whole artwork may become useless.

Thank God, Macros for Corel helped us to save years. Using Corel Macros we can do anything (programmatically). say you want to create a rectangle of size 12″ x 10″. there is a corel macro for that. you will get the popup asking width and height. if you enter those details the rectangle will be created of given size in the center of the page.

So let it be there as it is. Our Problem is what to do with this Text to curves issue. I had written a simple Macro which converts all the text in all pages to curves. The code is below.


Sub allTexttoCurves()
For i = 1 To ActiveDocument.Pages.Count
Dim grp1 As ShapeRange
Set grp1 = ActiveSelection.UngroupAllEx
Set sr = ActivePage.Shapes.All
If sr.Count > 0 Then
ActivePage.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:=”@type = ‘text:artistic'”).ConvertToCurves
ActivePage.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:=”@type = ‘text:paragraph'”).ConvertToCurves
End If
Dim s1 As Shape
Set s1 = ActiveSelection.Group
Next i
End Sub

I had created  a module for this. Just save the Module file (.bas) and import the same into your global macro Modules folder. Thats it.

To Run this Macro just go to Tools > Macros > Run Macro. Then Choose Global Macros in the Macro Type Drop Down. Then Select the function allTexttoCurves() and click Run. You are All done Now. All your Text except Powerclipped text, will be Converted to Curves and the elements of the page will be grouped in one single Click.

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