A piece of paper in the cloud

Tumbler’s Creative Director Jacob Bijani created a web app named just for fun. And now it became a very useful tool for all with simple and great (minimalistic) user experience. The Site is been created few years ago, and now more than half a million notepads have been created, said by the creator of this site Jacob Bijani.

The best part of this tool is “It’s very simple and smooth like a butter!” you can login to your particular url from any device and you are there.. you can write whatever you want in the window and it saves itself automatically.


  • will automatically creates a new notepad with random url everytime you enter to the site.
  • If you want to create the url in particular name, just type or you can change the url by clicking change url
  • You can secure your notepad by adding password to it. Click add password button and enter your security code. And there you go! your notepad is secured.
  • You can also share the url to your friends and colleagues from the app itself.
  • saves the notepad automatically for every few minutes.

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2 Responses

  1. Czarina says:

    how do yo reset the password if you forgot about it?

  2. Harris Smith says:

    Check out // Notepad in the cloud.
    -Custom Url
    -Word Count
    -Password Protection
    -Auto Save
    -Much more!!


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