Stream music from your favourite Youtube using streamus

Music is almost or always being a best companion when one is alone and or to make him/her entertained when working or playing or at any time.

Youtube is one of the most popular video streaming from the leading tech giant Google. A geek from California had developed a beautiful Google Chrome Extension called streamus.

Streaming YouTube music made simple by Google Chrome - Streamus

Stream us is cool Google Chrome Extension which allows to listen to your favourite youtube musics without landing to youtube and without wasting higher bandwidth. Because Streamus only streams audio data from youtube server, So your music can be buffered faster compared to streaming in youtube. And You can also add musics to playlist in streamus and you can save multiple playlists as well. Streamus also provides Radio facility which is based on your current track the next music will be fetched automatically by streamus.


I love music. Especially EDM. It seemed fitting to share Streamus with the world because, well, music is so much better when everyone gets to experience it… why should the software that makes it possible be any different?

– Sean Anderson (Developer of Streamus)

Getting Started to Streamus :

1. Install Streamus from chrome webstore or install directly from site

2. Open Streamus from top right of chrome browser

Streamus Icon Location

3. The Content Library

Streamus will be opened empty. you have to add videos to your current playlist. Search videos using the search bar. Use Shift+ click or Ctrl + Click to Choose Multiple Videos

Streamus Intro - Welcome

Streamus Intro - Searching

Click Play Selected or drag to Stream to play the selected videos. you can also save them as playlist.

4. Omnibar integration

Now just type Streamus in the omnibar and press tab. That’s it you are now searching videos to add to the streamus playlist.

To Change the Keyword to initiate omnibar streamus search go to chrome://settings select Manage Search Engines and scroll to bottom till you find “Search Engines added by extensions”. Click on the Streamus link and change the keyword (Optional)

Streamus Intro - Omnibox

5. Radio

Now no need to keep adding songs to playlist manually. Streamus will do that work for you. You just need start streaming your first favorite track and click on the radio button in menu down. That’s it Streamus will take it from here. It will stream the next track according to the current track which is playing on the basis of genre, and interest.

Streamus Radio

Recent Reviews


1. Cobus Folkerts – music lovers would love this if they use Youtube for music. *****

2. Gabe J – Literally perfect. So convenient.

3. Darwin BC – I was expecting that it will not find my old fave singer from the Philippines, but it did. Awesome! Just awesome!

4. Jordan Faircloth – One of the best extensions ever. Whomever created this must be a genius!



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