Increase your Productivity Limitless with Limitless App

Limitless is a productivity app for Chrome browser, which helps improve your productivity by monitoring how much time you are spending on each sites. This also helps you to identify the site which distracts you.

The app was developed by, a data analytics company based on Silicon Valley.

Balaji Vishwanathan, CEO and Co-Founder of Be Limitless Inc says,

“**The goal of the plugin is to help you grow your productivity by 10% by end of 2014.** Limitless app will take a look at the time and browsing patterns and show different messages in new tabs accordingly. **The goal is to use the ‘nudge theory’ – a psychology model to provide both positive and negative feedback to users to improve their productivity**”.

Getting Started with Limitless

Install the extension from chrome webstore : link

1. What it does?

This app categories the sites which we visit into different categories like work, social, learn, shopping, and other. And also it tracks the time you spend on these sites, and it measures how productive the days is for you. And also this app encourage to get more ideas and knowledge from some of useful resources by showing them on time when we needed it.


2. How it is useful?

This app is very different than the other productivity apps available in chrome webstore. This app gives you the details analytics of time you spend on chrome browser. More over it categorize the sites automatically.



3. What are the unique features?

  1. You can set the goal for the year and also for the day
  2. You can also have to-do list or a reminder in limitless itself
  3. When new tab is opened, it gives you a time based message and some useful article links
  4. Your most visited sites and the time spent on them will be shown in the bottom of the page when you open a new tab
  5. You can see the details analytics of the time which you spent on chrome
  6. This app tells you the most productive time based on your browsing
  7. And yeah, it shows cool background pictures related to the message that the app shows every time when we open a new tab.


4. User Reviews

Limitless designed by following Minimalistic design patterns. The app is now downloaded by around 12K people which means 12 thousand people or making their day more productive with limitless.

See what the users are saying about the app

Nanditha ShankarBest plugin of the season. Made my New Year’s day totally worthwhile. I stuck on to my resolution thanks to Limitless.

Bryan DunmireGoing to be really useful to track the learning I’m doing. Great idea, great execution..

Chris M : Love it, however I’d love to have the ability to assign custom URLs that I use for work to the work section for example.

Jayant Malani : Its a really good app which makes you realize about your goal every time open a new tab. The statistic also helps you realize how much you are involved with your goal. Really productive & with the new quotations every tab it makes you feel positive & energize.

Christophor Stocovaz : Love the stats, love the quotes, love the pictures. The note-taking app is useful for quickly scribbling things (just open a new tab, click the icon and voila…). I really like this app.

Allie C: I love the vibrant photographs and the brilliant quotes! The statistics are great but I agree with John Trollstone – more statistics. The Notepad definitely helps me stay more focused and less distracted. Thanks for this awesome extension!

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